The Replify video series continues with our second video where CEO Rozy Corry talks about why our tagline is Flexible Network Acceleration.

Replify is flexible in a number of ways:

  • Replify Accelerator Portability is software based which eliminates the need for users to purchase unnecessary hardware
  • Replify Accelerator can be purchased directly from us or through our network of resellers and distributors in your area
  • Replify Accelerator WAN Optimization technology can be licensed and integrated seamlessly into other software solutions

What do you mean by Software Only?

Meanwhile, at the branch or datacenter, the Replify Virtual Appliance (VA) is just as flexible. The VA can be installed on a range of hypervisors, containers, cloud platforms or on a physical server. If required, we are happy to recompile and re-package the product for other Operating Systems or architectures, including ARM.

Keep an eye out for our third video which will cover common deployment scenarios.

How Can I License Replify WAN Optimization Technology For My Own Product?

Replify has successfully integrated its technology into a range of products. These include products in the SD-WAN, Visibility & Control, Cloud Acceleration & Line Aggregation spaces among others.

Replify’s software approach and dedication to flexibility gives us the ability to help our OEM partners get up and running with a Replify integration in as little as 3 months.

The depth of integration varies between partners. We have partners who integrate Replify Accelerator technology deeply into their own enterprise product, while others have white-labelled Replify. This gives our partners the flexibility to add a world-class WAN optimization capability on their own terms to their customers. This truly is Flexible Network Acceleration.

Replify’s experienced team will work with you to give you the integration that fits your technology and makes the best commercial sense for your business.

How can I become a Reseller?

As well as selling Replify directly, Replify has a range of resellers and partners located across the world. Our resellers can help you get Replify up and running in your own timezone and carry out first line support. Contact us to find out where your local reseller is.

If you wish to become a Replify reseller then get in touch with us.

We are sure to have a commercial option available to suit you and your business so why not get in touch to see how we can help.