In the first of a series of short videos introducing features of Replify’s WAN Optimization software, Replify’s CEO, Rozy Corry, gives a quick high-level overview of the product.

Some key points from the first video:

  • Replify is fully software based keeping costs down
  • Helps with remote working / working from home
  • Improves network connections such as home broadband, 4G, satellite etc.
  • Reduces data on the link and improves user experience by improving response times
  • Replify has a wide range of customers from large organisations to home users
  • Replify will improve data transfer speeds from the cloud (for example, Microsoft 365, Sharepoint etc.)

For remote working, Replify WAN Optimization software has a mobile client for optional installation on end-user PCs, tablets, phones etc, ensuring you get an optimized connection when working from home or away from the office.

In future videos, we’ll talk about the various use cases our customers have, the different ways that Replify operates commercially and how we aim to be as flexible as possible with our customers.

Also, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into the technical concepts that power our WAN Optimization as well as common questions we get asked.

Keep an eye on our blogs and social media (Twitter and Linkedin) for the rest of the video series.

If we can help answer your queries in the mean time, just drop us an email.