We are delighted to announce the availability of a new version, Replify Accelerator 6.1. Some key features include:

  • Enhanced TLS Server Name (SNI) filtering capabilities
  • Virtual Appliance support for Raspbian
  • Performance improvements

The release also includes a number of other changes, including bug-fixes. For full details on all the changes, check out the release notes.

Server Name Filtering Enhancements

Many of our customers use Replify Mobile Client Accelerator to accelerate general Internet traffic, most of which is now encrypted using TLS. The enhancements made to our SNI filtering functionality give users more flexibility when deploying and configuring Replify in these environments.

The filtering enables fine-grained control over which TLS hosts should receive full optimization or a sub-set of optimization. This can be useful where trusting certificates is difficult or not desirable but you still want to enjoy the benefits of Replify’s optimization engine.

Raspbian Support

At Replify, we pride ourselves on the portability of the Accelerator product. Over the years, we’ve ported the product to many platforms for our partners. Due to increased demand, we’ve added Raspbian OS to our list of supported platforms for the Virtual Appliance for running on the Raspberry Pi.

We invite customers and partners to upgrade from any version that is 5.2.1 or later to this release. If you have a version before 5.2.1 just drop us an email. Existing customers should contact Replify Support before upgrading to get the activation code for 6.1.