With the recent release of Replify 6.1, now is a better time than any to check out Replify’s Mobile Client Accelerator.

First released in 2009, Replify’s Client Accelerator brings all the optimization you enjoy with the Virtual Appliance, directly to the client device. Available for Windows, MacOS, Android and Ubuntu (among other Linux flavours), you can quickly see the benefits Replify brings on the end-user device.

What do you mean by Work Anywhere?

Replify has been helping business that face network related infrastructure challenges for over a decade. Often even installing a virtualized accelerator can be tricky if there is no virtualisation platform in place.

Work Anywhere has been Replify’s mantra from the start. By adding the optimization component right at the source where it is needed, such as on the user device, you will get the best out of your network.

This means Replify has been an enabler for smooth business where people are working remotely, via an LTE/3G/4G connection, satellite link, or contended broadband link.

How do I get the client up and running?

Simple. Once a VA is installed at your branch, HQ, or datacentre, you can simply install the client on your end user device and connect to the VA. The VA will send all the optimization configuration down to the client so they can start accelerating immediately. Automatic software deployment tools are often used by our customers when rolling out thousands of clients within an organisation.

Is the Replify Mobile Client Accelerator a new product?

No. The Replify Mobile Client Accelerator has been a core part of Replify’s product suite since the beginning. Replify has never shipped hardware and portability is a key unique selling point for us. As such, we have been able to offer all the features a VA would provide, right in a small and easy-to-deploy mobile client.

What optimization is available on the client?

Given that the client shares over 90% of its code with the Virtual Appliance in the data center, you get access to ALL the optimization available there. The Replify Mobile Client Accelerator is truly a first-class product in the Replify suite.

How do I get it?

The mobile client for Windows, MacOS, Android, Ubuntu and Raspbian is included with every VA. Once you have run a trial, you just have to decide how many clients you need and then purchase a suitable license to cover it.

To try the client out, just go to the free trial download page to get your links.