Replify’s WAN Optimization customers have a impressively varied array of use cases. From large enterprise customers with thousands of employees to small personal users with just one instance of Replify Accelerator. Replify’s flexibility to deploy on a range of network hardware, laptops and mobile devices gives our customers what they need to improve their business’s experience of their wide area network.

Our larger deployments can vary in topology. Some customers prefer to install a Virtual Appliance (VA) at each branch office and one VA at the head end or data center as shown in the diagram below.

This means that Replify Accelerator can be deployed without having to make any configuration changes on end user devices.

Other customers will deploy the Replify Mobile Client Accelerator on end-user devices such as laptops, tablets and phones. These can be installed remotely and removes the need to maintain a server at the remote site and offers a true zero-touch deployment option.

Additionally, those using the client accelerator will get optimization regardless of their location as all the optimization capabilities of an virtual appliance are brought right to their device.

Variety of Customers

We have large deployments with tens of thousands of users in both the public sector and in private organizations covering a variety of connection types. These range from customers connecting to the office or cloud with home broadband connections to those using Replify to accelerate a congested satellite link.

Our smallest deployment is a one user system. The customer is a software developer who works on a congested 4G connection. She hosts her own Replify Accelerator Virtual Appliance in Microsoft Azure and has a Replify Mobile Client Accelerator on her development machine.

Why not read about some of our WAN Optimization use cases and deployment scenarios in the Resources section. Contact us to see how we can help you get more from your network connection.