Replify is delighted to announce the availability of a new product version, Replify Accelerator 6.2. With over 180 improvements, new features and fixes, we’d recommend that all customers within their support period upgrade to 6.2.

Some of the key highlights this release include:

  • Support for TLS 1.3
  • Performance improvements, especially under load

TLS 1.3

We’re excited to add TLS 1.3 to our list of supported protocols for acceleration. With such a huge focus and shift to TLS everywhere, especially on the web, it’s important for us to be able to support the latest standards.

With Replify 6.2, the first iteration of our support for TLS 1.3 is available. This means that the links between your Replify 6.2 nodes will be encrypted using no less than TLS 1.3. This ensures your WAN traffic is secure, while also being optimized.

Further, you can now add TLS 1.3 application servers. This means that if your application server supports TLS 1.3, Replify will use it and provide all the acceleration benefits that Replify users have come to rely on.

Better Performance Under Load

During busy times, or on under-powered machines, the Replify Accelerators need to perform intensive caching, compression and other acceleration operations more efficiently. As such, the Replify engine needs to be able to adapt it’s optimization appropriately.

With Replify 6.2, a number of improvements have been made with how Replify deals with load during busy periods. This should ensure the Accelerator gives the best performance possible at all times of the day.

Many Other Enhancements

The release also includes a number of other changes, including bug-fixes. For full details on all the changes, check out the release notes.

We invite customers and partners to upgrade from any version that is 5.4.1 or later to this release. If you have a version before 5.4.1 just drop us an email. Existing customers should contact Replify Support before upgrading to get the activation code for 6.2.

Remote Working with Replify Accelerator

During these times of increased home-working, the Replify Client Accelerator is ideally suited for your remote workforce.

The Replify Accelerator Client brings Replify’s full optimisation stack right to the end-user-device. This gives the end-user much better performance on their home link to the branch office, headquarters, or even to cloud services such as Office 365.

If the end-users are on metered links, such as a 4G/5G dongle, as well as boosting performance, Replify will also greatly reduce their data usage. For some users, this can lead to over a 90% reduction in their data usage.

Read about how this will help your remote workforce or contact us for more information.