Replify is a Belfast based company that provides a software product for remote working that can improve home internet connections.

The Business Journals in the US have written an article about remote working and some Northern Ireland companies that are helping in this sphere.

Replify’s Accelerator Client reduces the amount of data being sent across the home-workers’ internet connections. This makes their critical work applications perform better and provides an experience that feels more like being in the office.

The Replify Accelerator WAN Optimisation product doesn’t require any extra hardware to be purchased and it can be installed on end user devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.  It takes minutes to install and can be rolled out in the same way as other office applications.

Because Replify Accelerator is a software-based solution, it is very cost effective compared to the hardware-based competition.

Replify has many customers located around the world using the WAN Optimisation software in a wide variety of situations. These include accessing services that are located in the cloud, or accessed from remote locations, and even normal users using a metered satellite or 3G connection who need to reduce their data costs.

Replify CEO Rozy Corry said:

“Replify’s focus has always been on improving the digital experience for remote users relying on poor internet connections. This is even more important now with the transition to remote working for much of the population. In Northern Ireland in particular, many people still suffer with poor broadband connections. With the added pressure of home schooling, video streaming and home working, many home broadband connections just cannot cope. Replify can help businesses improve these connections for their employees.”

If you would like more information on how Replify can help with your remote working requirements then drop us an email and we would be delighted to help.