Replify are pleased to announce the release of version 6.3 of the Replify Accelerator product. With over 70 improvements, new features and fixes, we’d recommend that all customers within their support period upgrade to 6.3.

The highlights of the release are:

  • TLS Certificate Usability Improvements
  • AES Encrypted cache

TLS Improvements

The Replify 6.2 release included several TLS changes and in particular the ability to support TLS 1.3. In 6.3, we’ve built on this and have provided more flexibility around the management of SSL certificates (including the ability to automatically manage these for simpler deployments).

AES Encrypted Cache Store

We have enhanced our cache encryption functionality to ensure that cached data stored on disk can be encrypted with up-to-date encryption algorithms and that the keys used for this can be provided and updated in a secure manner.

Other Enhancements

We’re always enhancing the product and this release is no exception. In addition to the features above, there are many more enhancements, improvements and bug fixes. Full details are in our Release Notes.

Want to Try It Out for Free?

For existing customers, please contact for assistance on upgrading. For those of you who want to try Replify Accelerator for the first time, feel free to download a free trial and we would be delighted to help.