Replify is pleased to announce the release of Replify Accelerator version 6.4. This release contains several features and improvements along with bug fixes.

Release Highlights

  • Added Support for Custom Hook Scripts for Replify Events
  • Secure Peering Usability Improvements

New Hook Functionality for Replify Events

Following feedback from partners and customers, we’ve included the new Replify Hooks functionality in version 6.4. Customers now have the option of executing their own custom actions via a new Replify Hooks interface. When certain events occur, the Replify Accelerator Virtual Appliance (VA) will trigger scripts that have been placed in the new hook directories. Events include start-up and shutdown and changes to interception rules.

We hope this further extends Replify’s ease of integration with existing systems, adding to an already comprehensive REST API.

Improvements to Secure Peering

Secure peering gives users a way to ensure that only trusted Replify nodes can communicate. This takes place using well-established and secure TLS protocols and a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). With Replify 6.4, configuring secure peering is now much easier using the GUI.

Administrators can now configure the secure peering CA certificates for each of their Replify nodes on the SSL Management page of the VA GUI. Adding new trust relationships and removing certificates that are no longer trusted is now much easier.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

There have been over 100 changes between 6.3 and 6.4, improving speed, stability, and usability. All customers should upgrade as soon as they can to avail of the latest and greatest version of the Replify product.

You can find instructions for upgrading, installing and configuring Replify on the resources section of this website. For full details of all of the changes in this release, see our 6.4 Release Notes.

Want to Try It Out for Free?

For existing customers, please contact for assistance on upgrading. For those of you who want to try Replify Accelerator for the first time, feel free to download a free trial and we would be delighted to help.