It’s a question we often get asked by partners and customers. Why should a customer choose Replify Accelerator over another WAN Optimization provider or a different solution?

There are many reasons, so here’s just 11 of them to get you started!

1. Replify Accelerator is Fully Software Based

This means you can easily deploy on existing hardware or virtual infrastructure, so no expensive new hardware costs. Replify has been a software only company from the very beginning, back in 2007. We’ve a heritage of supporting various virtualization platforms, including multiple containers.

You can download and test the software on your own network free of charge for a limited period of time to ensure you get the results you want on your own network.

2. Rapid Deployment with Minimal Interruption

To stay portable, Replify Accelerator doesn’t require custom kernels or specific hardware. This multi-platform support means that WAN Optimization can be rolled out to existing infrastructure with ease. Even Replify Accelerator Clients can be easily deployed to end-user devices via familiar mechanisms such as Group Policy.

Want to optimize a cloud application like Microsoft 365, SharePoint or SalesForce? No problem. You can spin up an instance of Replify in the cloud. Deployment on the main cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS etc is very straight-forward meaning you can deploy easily in the cloud beside your applications.

3. Software Client for End User Devices

Fully featured Replify Accelerator clients can be deployed to your end user devices. This gives incredible reach for the Accelerator optimization. True end-to-end acceleration means you get the greatest benefit that Replify Accelerator provides. As users become mobile, moving out of the office to other locations, or even working from home, this has become a key selling point for Replify.

The Replify Accelerator client is connected to a Replify Virtual Appliance (VA) in your datacentre or branch office. The software then provides all the optimization (caching, compression, layer 7 and TCP optimization) between the client and the VA.

4. Easy Upgrades

When new Replify Accelerator releases become available, customers can upgrade smoothly and quickly, without having to buy new hardware.

5. Unlimited Scalability

Unlike many of our competitors, a Replify Accelerator license isn’t locked to a particular number of connections, throughput or offload. If you’re business grows, you can add more users and the software will automatically scale with the hardware you’ve deployed. Multiple VAs can be combined to provide greater scalability, load-balancing and high availability functionality.

6. Excellent Reporting Capability

With any purchase of a Replify Accelerator VA, you also get access to the Replify Enterprise Manager (REM). This enables a ‘single pane of glass’ from which to monitor and license your Replify deployment. The REM aggregates all the data from your deployment and displays it using easy-to-read graphs and tables. This helps you get the most out of your deployment, and see where the best performance gains are occurring.

7. Rapid Support Responses

Our support team at Replify prides itself on its speed to respond and resolve customer queries. Issues get resolved very fast, ensuring minimal interruption should they arise.

8. Bespoke Features and Integrations

One of Replify Accelerator’s key selling points has been is the ease with which it can be integrated into existing products. Replify has many OEM customers who integrate the Replify software into an existing product stack. With a comprehensive REST API and system hooks, adding WAN optimization into your existing offering is a breeze.

Read more about the flexible licensing and OEM Acceleration capability.

9. White-labelling and Rebranding

Replify provides the option of white labelling or rebranding. Some of our customers use this to present their customers with the Replify capabilities but with their own company branding.

10. Flexible Pricing Model

Replify Accelerator is such an affordable alternative because of our focus on software. We don’t have costly manufacturing and logistics operations to maintain. We offer pricing that’s lower than our competitors, but performance that is on par or better. Many of our existing customers have replaced costly systems from our competitors with Replify.

11. Heritage in WAN Optimization

Replify has been providing its WAN Optimization software since 2007. With this long history of product enhancements and updates our customers can be confident they’re getting the best WAN Optimization their money can buy.

There are plenty more reasons that our customers would purchase Replify, but we’ll cover those in another blog!

You can read more about our case studies and some of our customer testimonials on our website.

If you are considering a WAN Optimization solution or would like more information on Replify just drop us an email and we would be happy to help!