We are pleased to announce that Replify Accelerator version 6.5 has been released. This new version contains several features and improvements along with bug fixes.

Release Highlights

  • REM GUI improvements
  • Azure Container Support
  • TLS v1.3 now used for secure Replify management connections
  • Improved SSL certificate validation

REM GUI Improvements

The Replify Enterprise Manager is used to centrally manage the licensing and reporting of multiple appliances. Following feedback from customers, we’ve updated the GUI so that customers can better understand the optimization being applied to their network.

Azure Container Support

We’ve supported containerization of our software using Docker for many years now. We’re excited to announce that Replify Accelerator can now be deployed as a container on Microsoft Azure. This allows our customers who are already using Azure containers to easily deploy and manage Replify Accelerator alongside their existing solution.

The changes made in v6.5 will also assist customers who wish to deploy Replify Accelerator in other containerized environments. For more information on this, please contact us for more information.

TLS v1.3 Management Connections

Secure management connections between Replify Accelerator appliances now use TLS v1.3. Consequently the speed and security advantages for TLS v1.3 are now applied to management traffic in addition to data traffic. We have been using TLS v1.3 to secure encrypted data connections for several releases now.

Improved SSL Certificate Validation

Replify Accelerator is being increasingly used to accelerate internet connections and cloud services that use HTTPS. To ensure that users are getting the full benefits of HTTPS, the SSL certificate of each connection we accelerate is validated.

Previously, our validation logic was overly cautious and rejected some sites that were perfectly valid. This has been corrected which will result in an improved experience for customers who are accelerating general internet traffic.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

There have been over 100 changes between 6.4 and 6.5, improving speed, stability, and usability. All customers should upgrade as soon as they can to avail of the latest and greatest version of the Replify product.

You can find instructions for upgrading, installing and configuring Replify on the resources section of this website. For full details of all of the changes in this release, see our 6.5 Release Notes.

Want to Try It Out for Free?

For existing customers, please contact support@replify.com for assistance on upgrading. If you are new to Replify Accelerator and want to try it out for the first time, feel free to download a free trial and we will be delighted to help.