Replify has been producing software based WAN Optimization since 2006. We saw three gaps in the WAN optimization market, that, believe it or not, are still as relevant 16 years on:

  1. Limited WAN Optimization directly to the end user device, where it’s often needed most
  2. Focus on costly, and more difficult to deploy, hardware-based options
  3. Lack of WAN Optimization vendors offering their technology for license

WAN Optimization to the Edge

Traditional WAN Optimization products were typically accelerating point to point connections between locations. For example, from the office to a data centre or cloud provider. This left remote workers, road warriors and travelling sales folk without optimization when they were out of the office.

In the last two years this has become a much bigger issue with a significant population of the workforce now working from home.

Home working or working from a coffee shop/hotel has its own challenges. The first being the connection quality. You might not be anywhere near the WiFi access point, or you might be sharing a poor bandwidth connection with several other people. Secondly, it could be far away from the cloud applications you are trying to access, making Microsoft 365, your CRM or your ERP system difficult and time consuming to access.

To solve these issues, Replify developed a range of clients for Windows, Android, Linux and MacOS. Using the Replify Accelerator Client means you can use an optimized connection regardless of your location. Read more about how how this can help you work remotely.

Software Only WAN Optimization

Replify has always been a pure software company. We’ve never supplied hardware devices and we believe this gives us an edge in today’s WAN Optimization market.

Our technology can be deployed on a wide range of hardware platforms. These include the standard Hypervisors such as VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V, bare metal machines, containers such as Docker and cloud platforms such as AWS, Microsoft Azure etc.

Being able to deploy on existing servers helps reduce hardware costs. It also means you aren’t restricted by the hardware constraints of the WAN Optimization box. If you need to deploy to more users, you can just add more resources to your server or add more servers rather than having to deploy a completely new appliance.

OEM with Replify

Replify is one of the few WAN Optimization companies that offers its technology for license.

This means if you are, for example, an SD-WAN provider, you can add WAN Optimization as an extra feature. The Replify technical team can work with you to ensure a seamless integration with your own product. We have customers who simply have a rebranded version of Replify Accelerator and we have others that have others who have a port of Replify Accelerator running on their own hardware and configured from their own UI. The many integration options that Replify offer make this very straight-forward.

We would be delighted to hear from you to chat about how we can help with your WAN Optimization requirements.