We are excited to announce that Replify WAN Accelerator version 7.0 has been released. This new major version contains several features and improvements along with bug fixes. This is the fastest version of Replify Accelerator yet!

The update includes all the Replify WAN Accelerator components: Virtual Accelerator; Enterprise Manager; and the Mobile Accelerator Client. The update also covers all platforms, so there are new VMWare ESXi images, QEMU images for KVM, Hyper-V images, Debian packages and Docker Images. As always, should you need support for another platform please let us know.

Release Highlights

  • Faster cache processing
  • Reduced RAM usage
  • REM improvements

Faster Cache Processing

The caching algorithms in Replify WAN Accelerator are more efficient than before. This means that acceleration will work more effectively in higher bandwidth environments. The more efficient algorithms also mean that older hardware running Replify WAN Accelerator will be able to accelerate higher bandwidth links.

Additionally, there is a new static caching mode that will provide even more efficient processing of content that does not change frequently.

The faster Intelligent Cache Engine (ICE) means more connections can be handled by the Replify nodes, all while keeping the system responsive, and providing huge offload of WAN traffic. This all translates to a better user experience for the end-user, and better use of your company’s WAN links.

Reduced RAM Usage

Replify’s Intelligent Cache Engine is now using more efficient structures to store data in RAM. This means that a single Virtual Appliance can store a larger cache or support more clients than previously. This is useful where content can be large, or where large numbers of clients are present at a single location.

Replify Enterprise Manager Improvements

The REM will keep statistics for longer. It will also use less RAM and will reduce bandwidth usage between Virtual Appliances and Clients.

General Improvements and Bug Fixes

There have been over 170 changes between 6.5 and 7.0, improving speed, stability, and usability. All customers should upgrade as soon as they can to avail of the latest and greatest version of the Replify product.

You can find instructions for upgrading, installing and configuring Replify on the resources section of this website. For full details of all of the changes in this release, see our Release Notes.

Want to Try It Out for Free?

For existing customers, please contact support@replify.com for assistance on upgrading. If you are new to Replify WAN Accelerator and want to try it out for the first time, feel free to download a free trial and we will be delighted to help.