At Replify, we pride ourselves on the ability to install our software on a variety of platforms, including the major cloud services. In practice, most of our customers use Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure.

These platforms have been around for years, however there is now increasing adoption of Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This hasn’t been around for as long, but is still a very credible contender.

For most users, the services they offer are on a par with Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, however if you already use Google Workspace or similar, it makes sense to use GCP along with this for ease of administration.

How to Deploy a Virtual Accelerator on GCP

Deploying Replify Accelerator on Google Cloud Platform’s Compute Engine is a very similar experience to installing on Azure and EC2. You deploy a new VM instance (You can use the default Debian boot disk) and then use our installation instructions to install Replify Accelerator on this. Once the firewall is configured to allow incoming traffic to the correct ports, this can be used in the same way as any other Virtual Appliance.

Note that Replify Accelerator doesn’t run any differently on Google Compute Engine compared to any other cloud service. The decision which platform to use should be based on budget and management considerations. However you should always try to install Replify Accelerator in a region that has as good connectivity as possible to your application servers.

Additionally, Replify Accelerator can be deployed on the Google Cloud Kubernetes engine using our Docker container.

Get the Free Trial

Just like Replify, Google offer a free trial of their cloud platform, so you can use this along with a free trial of Replify Accelerator to test if WAN optimization provides benefits to your organization.

Remember that an instance in GCP doesn’t need to be used to accelerate Google Cloud services or Google Compute Engine instances. Because Google Cloud Platform has their own proprietary fibre optic backbone, you can use it to accelerate traffic to other cloud platforms in the same region or even in some circumstances to accelerate general internet traffic.

If you need any more information about running Replify Accelerator in GCP, don’t hesitate to contact us.