Version 7.1 is now available for any Customers and Partners using our WAN Optimization software and that are wishing to upgrade.

The update includes all the Replify WAN Accelerator components: Virtual Accelerator; Enterprise Manager; and the Mobile Accelerator Client. The update also covers all platforms, so there are new VMWare ESXi images, QEMU images for KVM, Hyper-V images, Debian packages and Docker Images. As always, should you need support for another platform please let us know.

This is a minor release and it contains many enhancements and bug fixes. We always recommend that customers upgrade to the latest version where possible.

WAN Optimization Software Release Highlights

Faster cache processing

Following on from the work done in v7.0, extra improvements have been made to Replify Accelerator’s caching algorithms. This means that acceleration will work more effectively in higher bandwidth environments. The more efficient algorithms also mean that older hardware running Replify WAN Accelerator will be able to accelerate higher bandwidth links.

General Improvements and Bugfixes

There have been several changes between 7.0 and 7.1, improving speed, stability, and usability. All customers should upgrade as soon as they can to avail of the latest and greatest version of the Replify product.

You can find instructions for upgrading, installing and configuring Replify on the resources section of this website. For full details of all of the changes in this release, see our Release Notes.

For any information about the WAN Optimization software release or to get the upgrade code please contact Replify Support.