Is your cloud application slow? Do you wish you could speed up your applications hosted in the cloud? You need a cloud accelerator!

The good news is that you can quickly and easily speed your applications up with any of the WAN Optimization companies that have a Cloud Accelerator, such as Riverbed and Replify. Choosing a company that has a strong presence in the software WAN optimization space is best.

The next stage will be to decide on where to deploy the Cloud Accelerator. Ideally you want the Virtual Accelerator Appliance to be installed in the cloud as close to (in network terms) the applications you wish to accelerate. For example, if your Microsoft 365 applications are hosted in Western Europe, then you want to place the Replify Cloud Accelerator in a Western European data center. Connectivity between your hosted Microsoft 365’s application the local Azure Cloud Accelerator is likely to be very fast.

Replify Cloud Accelerator

Replify can be deployed in the cloud on a range of different platforms such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. As Replify Accelerator can be provided as a Debian package, it can be deployed in any cloud service that allows you to run Debian instances. The installation instructions are very straight-forward, so you can spin up an image and get an accelerated cloud experience within minutes.

You simply choose which applications or subnet you want to optimize and the software is ready to go.
However, Replify Accelerator can only work if it has another Replify node to communicate with.

Replify Mobile Accelerator Client

So, you want to optimize your cloud service for a set of users. You’ve configured your cloud accelerator. Next, for those users to get optimization, you will need to install an endpoint that will talk to the Cloud Accelerator.

If there are several users at the same location that need optimization, for example at a remote office, you could install an appliance at that site. This would optimize the cloud traffic for all users at that site.

Alternatively, you can install a client directly on each end user’s device. This means that for mobile devices such as laptops and tablets, they would get acceleration wherever they are. This brings all the power of the Replify Accelerator right to where it’s needed. This is also a great way to get up an running to test out the Replify Accelerator performance quickly in your environment – be that in the office, or remotely.

Example Use Cases

  • Users working from home will often need to access cloud services such as Office 365 over a poor quality broadband connection.
  • Large organisations may have users from around the globe accessing the same cloud service. For example, a self-hosted ERP solution. See this Cloud Acceleration case study for a concrete example.
  • General internet access. The main cloud providers have fast backbones. You can use their backbone and accelerate your connection to it using a Cloud Accelerator.

To find out more about how Replify can help with your Cloud Acceleration requirements, drop us a message or make use of the free trial.