Cloudflare recently published a blog explaining that their ZTNA solution was faster than their competitors’ for South American customers.

Previously, they wrote another blog comparing the performance of their ZTNA solution with that of their competitors using benchmarks taken from three thousand last mile networks across the world.

It’s great to see that they are starting to focus on parts of the world with less developed network infrastructure. They provide statistics on how they outperform ZScalar and Netskope in places like South America, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Indonesia.

There is no arguing with this. Cloudflare’s global network is extensive, spanning every continent (except Antarctica). A lot of work goes into optimizing this and as the blog entry tells us, it’s getting even better with time. This gives their ZTNA solution a distinct advantage over their competitors, as they explain:

Getting closer to users improves the last mile Round Trip Time (RTT). As we discussed in the Access comparison, having a low RTT improves customer performance because new and existing sessions don’t have to travel very far to get to Cloudflare’s Zero Trust network. Embedding ourselves in these last mile networks helps us get closer to our users, which doesn’t just help Zero Trust performance, it helps web performance and developer performance.

Cloudflare Access is the fastest Zero Trust proxy – The Cloudflare blog

The take-away Cloudflare are focusing on here is that the best ZTNA solution is going to be the one that has POPs closest to their users. Smaller ZTNA solutions can’t compete here. Maintaining so many POPs is not a trivial undertaking for a company. However there is an alternative…

By incorporating WAN optimization, ZTNA solutions can reduce the amount of data that needs to be transmitted over the network. This improves performance and mitigates the effects of latency. Therefore even if a ZTNA solution has a limited number of POPs, WAN optimization can help ensure that users have a good user experience.

Replify’s licensing model makes it easy for ZTNA vendors to do this in a manner that is transparent to users. Further, Replify’s Mobile Client Accelerator brings the acceleration right to the end-user. This makes integration between Replify’s Accelerator technology and the client-based ZTNA solutions a natural fit. Coupled with Replify’s focus on deep integration with other network solutions, Replify Accelerator could be the solution you need to supercharge your ZTNA product.

You can learn more about how the Replify Accelerator can boost and complement ZTNA on our ZTNA Acceleration page. Contact us to learn more or jump right in for free with our free trial.