It’s been well over a decade since cloud adoption became a serious proposition for many businesses. Analysts Gartner believe that we’ll soon hit the point where Enterprise cloud expenditure will exceed on-prem spending.

When data is stored in the cloud, businesses usually expect the costs to be centered around storage and processing. However, the egress data costs can sometimes come as a surprise. Cloud providers charge for the amount of data transferred from their services to external networks, which includes interactions with users, content delivery networks (CDNs), and other cloud services. This cost model can pose challenges, especially for data-intensive applications, large-scale migrations, or businesses with high user traffic.

WAN Optimization is often associated with constrained networks. These are networks that have high latency, low bandwidth or high packet loss. In these environments, the role of products like Replify Accelerator is well understood. Traditionally, when we’ve had customers who have paid for bandwidth, it’s because their bandwidth options were limited. For example, when they exceed the monthly allowance set by their Satellite Internet provider. However, it’s only relatively recently that we’ve started to hear about use cases to reduce data egress costs on higher quality networks.

Using Replify Accelerator to Reduce Data Egress Costs

Replify Accelerator can easily be installed on any of the major cloud platforms and on most end user devices. This means that we can reduce the amount of data used in many scenarios. For example:

  • Replication of data between cloud regions
  • Data being accessed by end users using a browser or fat client.
  • Data being transferred between on-prem locations and the cloud

When you are using Replify Accelerator, you can see real time information regarding what we call offload. This is the amount of data that is being offloaded from the WAN link to Replify Accelerator. For example, if you transfer 10GB of data and have 60% offload, this means that we were able to send that same data while only using 4GB of bandwidth.

Replify Enterprise Manager User Interface

After a short trial (free of charge) of Replify Accelerator, a quick calculation will reveal the savings in cloud costs that you would be able to expect. In many cases, the costs of buying Replify Accelerator could easily be recouped within a year.

An additional side-effect of this is that users on slower bandwidth connections could see performance improvements.

We believe that as businesses continue to embrace the cloud, managing egress data costs will become a crucial factor in maintaining cost-effective operations. With WAN optimization techniques, organizations can significantly reduce their egress data expenses along with optimizing their network performance.

Ultimately embracing WAN optimization can enable an organization to leverage the cloud more efficiently, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective cloud experience.