We’d like to wish all of our customers and partners a Happy New Year.

Replify is starting off the new year with a new release, 8.0. This is a major release and we would encourage customers to upgrade at their earliest convenience. As always, contact support@replify.com for the upgrade code.

The update includes all the Replify WAN Accelerator components: Virtual Accelerator; Enterprise Manager; and the Mobile Accelerator Client. The update also covers all platforms, so there are new images for VMWare ESX, QEMU/KVM images, Hyper-V and Docker. There are also new Debian packages for bare metal installations. As always, should you need support for another platform please let us know.

Release Highlights

As this is a major release, there have been a number of improvements and features added to the product. The focus has been on improved acceleration for HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and TLS connections. However there have been over fifty other enhancements and bug fixes.

  • TLS Certificate Caching for faster TLS performance
  • Read-only Caching to reduce load during busy hours while maintaining optimization performance
  • Improved web GUI with more live updating pages
  • Security improvements including a move to OpenSSL 3.x.x

You can find instructions for upgrading, installing and configuring Replify Accelerator on the resources section of this website. For full details of all of the changes in this release, see our Release Notes.