Backup & Replication Case Study – Dell Equallogic

Backup & Replication Acceleration

Businesses today need to ensure they have efficient and reliable data recovery strategies and meet their Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) goals. Using Replify with Dell EqualLogic SANs allows companies to combat issues such as low bandwidth, high latency and chatty protocols when implementing business continuity solutions, at the market’s most competitive price point therefore improve data replication.

Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI virtualized SANs, enable cost-effective enterprise storage solutions for virtualized server environments. The PS Series arrays comes complete with a comprehensive set of advanced data protection and management software at no extra cost, including an Auto-Replication which integrates with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

This allows organisations not only to backup remote offices but to replicate datacentres to a remote location in case of a site failure and have a predictable restore process. However, data backup and replication processes over a WAN link can be a painful and lengthy process with low bandwidth, latency and network congestion greatly affecting replication and recovery times. Even differential replications can consume large amounts of bandwidth; much more than the standard WAN link can provide.

EqualLogic & Replify Acceleration

Although bandwidth prices have dropped, the costs incurred can still bring DR projects to a halt. Dell EqualLogic provide an easy-to-use, low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) feature rich SAN, combined with Replify’s WAN optimization products reduces replication/recovery times and provides substantial bandwidth savings.

Replify’s software only solution is available for Linux and Docker as well as all major hypervisors and cloud services. Providing great bandwidth usage reduction, but at a much lower cost, and no requirement for proprietary hardware, Replify allows organizations to deliver a fast, efficient data back-up and replication solution improving RTO and RPO.

Tests show that combining Replify Accelerator’s protocol manipulation and compression techniques with Dell EqualLogic SANs enables enterprises to make substantial bandwidth savings, typically 60-85% reduction, while significantly reducing backup windows, typical x3- 6 performance increase.

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