Business WAN Optimization

WAN optimization, also known as WAN acceleration, is the combination of technologies and techniques used to improve data transfer across a Wide Area Network (WAN). WAN optimization is a crucial part of managing a business’ network.

 WAN optimization technologies include:

• Traffic shaping – allowing you to prioritize traffic and allocate bandwidth accordingly

• Data compression – helping to compress data to reduce bandwidth usage

• Streamline data protocols – to combine numerous requests from applications into one

• Eliminate redundant data – by sending across references over actual data

• Data caching – where regularly used data is hosted locally for faster access

Why is WAN Optimization important?

Major trends such as technology advancements and cloud computing are helping to drive more traffic over WAN, which ultimately impacts on your business’s application performance. Therefore, it’s important to optimize your network to improve performance.

Benefits of Replify include:

• Faster file accessibility

• Enabling employees to work from home or remote locations with improved network connection speed

• Faster data recovery

• Increased performance and efficiency

Wan Optimization can significantly improve the day to day running of your operations.

How Replify can help optimize your network?

Replify specializes in producing software-based WAN optimization solutions to help reduce bandwidth consumption and improve application performance, making our software ideal for your business.

Replify’s product can be sold as a standalone, re-branded to your company’s livery if required, or we can provide OEM agreements for even deeper integration into your existing product.

You can take advantage of Replify’s free trial for 14 days or discuss WAN optimization solutions with our team get in touch to learn how we can help your business with our technology.