Case Study – Personal Use

Speed up your 4G Network Connection

A frustrated remote-worker who has to rely on a 4G connection to conduct her business (a development engineer for electoral management systems) got in touch with Replify to see if the product would help.

Needing frequent access to cloud-hosted applications and services, including Github (A repository for source code that is hosted in the cloud), a reliable internet connection makes her job easier and reduces daily frustration.

Due to the increase in home working, Abigail finds herself in multiple video conferences daily, that, when added on top of general network traffic, congests the link to the point of being unusable.

Abigail also is working on a new business venture developing a real time raytracing middleware with virtual reality applications in mind. With this type of application, having a reliable network link to the outside world is a priority.

“Replify are able to provide benefit to a wide range of customers and in this case we have improved a personal users constrained 4G Connection, showing that we are happy to help all types of users!”

Rozy Corry – CEO, Replify

The Solution

Replify’s flexible and lightweight Accelerator Client is ideal for optimizing general internet traffic on slower links such as satellite and 4G.  A Virtual Appliance hosted in the cloud will have a high bandwidth link. Replify Accelerator can then apply optimization techniques to this data when pushing it over slower link to the client. This will result in lower bandwidth and an improved user experience for the end user.

This solution is particularly beneficial for users who are charged for their data usage. The reduced tariffs achieved by a reduction in data usage can cover the costs of purchasing Replify Accelerator.

Abigail uses a Replify Virtual Appliance (VA) in the cloud (Microsoft Azure) which she routes any traffic through that she wishes to optimize.

“Bandwidth is limited but Replify makes the routine tasks less painful so I can spend more time on what’s important.”

Abigail Hocking