Acceleration for the Cloud

Replify’s Cloud Acceleration reduces the inevitable effects of latency that are inherent when using Cloud Services.

Why is Latency a Problem with Cloud Services?

Traditionally, users have been based in an office and accessed services hosted within that office or in a nearby data centre.

Over time, there has been a shift from this traditional architecture towards the use of cloud services. The advantages of doing this are well known and understood, however the simple fact that there is a larger distance between the end user and the service they are accessing means that latency increases too.

This additional latency can reduce the quality of service for users. This is more pronounced for users with poor broadband connections or for organizations with a globally disperse workforce. The experience of these users can often be forgotten about or ignored when rolling out cloud solutions.

How Can this be Addressed?

Cloud Acceleration from Replify can be deployed to provide Application Acceleration and reduce the negative effects of latency.

  • A Replify Accelerator Appliance needs to be installed in the cloud close to the service that needs accelerated.
  • A Replify Accelerator Client is then installed on each end user device.
  • If a set of users, all at the same location need acceleration, this can be provided using a locally installed appliance instead of using clients.
Diagram showing where Replify Accelerator can be deployed in a cloud architecture
Key Benefits of Replify
  • Improved application performance
  • Increased user productivity
  • Higher quality streaming, reduced buffering
  • Better workflow, improved collaboration
  • Speedier adoption of cloud applications
  • Reduced bandwidth usage
  • Reduced Cloud Egress costs

Ease of Deployment
  • Cloud Agnostic. Can be installed on AWS, Azure, GCP or any cloud platform that supports Debian Linux
  • Transparent to the end user. It just works seamlessly in the background
  • Works seamlessly with existing VPN products
  • Works on all connections, whether they be Satellite, Fibre broadband, 4G etc
  • Provides a full range of optimization capabilities. That is, the same as a remote appliance would offer
  • Automated client deployment using Group Policy, SMS Server etc

Try it for Free or Get In Touch

If you want to see if Replify Cloud Acceleration can make a difference to your own Cloud Service, feel free to contact to learn more. Or, better yet, get started straight away by requesting a trial download. Don’t forget to head on over to our Resources page for more details on getting started and to learn more about how Replify Accelerator can be used.