Licensing Replify Acceleration Technology

License Replify’s Acceleration Technology to Integrate into Your Own Product or Solution

OEM Application Acceleration

If the efficiency or user experience of your product is tied to network performance, licensing Replify’s WAN Optimization technology could be a way of increasing application performance and user experience, especially when used on a network with poor bandwidth, high latency or significant packet loss. For instance, SD-WAN, ZTNA, and VPN may provide efficient software, but a poor network link can result in a degraded user experience.

Having Replify’s WAN Accelerator technology seamlessly integrated into such a solution can give it a competitive advantage and provide end users with a greatly improved user experience.

A key focus of development of the Replify Accelerator is to produce software that is extensible and easy to integrate. This means the OEM partner has a very short time to market with a world class WAN optimization feature set. OEM’s get close access to the Replify development, as well as access to training material, core APIs and even influence on the Replify roadmap with accelerated feature development. Replify has successfully partnered with companies in the networking space to allow them to offer Replify’s WAN Optimization as part of their own offering.

From a commercial standpoint, Replify has a flexible licensing approach and works with our partners to come up with mutually beneficial agreements that will work long-term.

Benefits from Licensing Replify Acceleration Technology

White-labeling and Re-branding

The Replify Accelerator can be quickly re-branded with your own company logos and colors to fit in with your existing solution.

Extensive APIs

Out-of-the-box integration hooks and a comprehensive REST API allows the Replify Accelerator to be quickly and easily integrated into your existing GUIs, orchestration platforms and service chains.

Direct Access to Engineers and Roadmap

You will have access to experienced and responsive Replify support and engineering teams to provide you with enhanced support and custom development services.

Licensing Freedom

You get to set your own pricing and licensing terms independently of Replify, giving you the freedom to price the solution in a way that works for your existing business models.

Platform Independence

The Replify Accelerator can be quickly recompiled or repackaged the to work on your desired hardware, software, virtualisation or cloud platform and is already available on a wide range of platforms including as a VNF and as a Docker container. We also supply our client software for Windows, Linux, Android and macOS.

Deep Integration

Our flexible product architecture has allowed us to provide deep integrations with existing technology and networking solutions, both hardware and software-based.