Print Traffic Acceleration Case Study

Accelerated Centralised Printing

It is often the case that an organisation with multiple offices has a centralised printing solution. There are several advantages of such a solution including reduced costs in licensing, administration and maintenance. However, such a solution generates a lot of network traffic, which may cause issues if the links between offices are low-bandwidth.

Sample Scenario

An organisation has users in a branch office. They have a centralised printing solution in their data-centre.

A user in a branch office is working on a MS Word document that is 41k in size and decides to print this in the local branch office printer. MS Word submits a job to the print server in EMF Format. This generates 12Mb of network traffic over CIFS that is used to generate a spool file on the print server.

The print server submits a PCL file to the printer in the branch office which is 41 Mb in size. This uses a network protocol which is dependent on the printer.

Benefits of Replify Accelerator

As demonstrated in the scenario above, significant network traffic can be generated for a relatively small print operation. The amount of traffic generated is dependent on the amount of raster data that a document contains, and therefore can vary widely for documents with the same file type.

It is not uncommon for high quality PDF files to generate several hundred Mb of network traffic when printing, so the amount of printer network traffic that can be generated from a small user base should not be under-estimated.

Deploying Replify Accelerator in a centralised printing environment has the following advantages:

  • Protocol optimization occurs for the CIFS conversation between client and spool server
  • Compression occurs for traffic generated between the client and print server
  • Compression occurs for traffic generated between the print server and printer
  • Intelligent Caching Engine (ICE) data reduction takes effect when the same or similar documents are printed multiple times.

Sample Bandwidth Savings using Replify Accelerator

In the table below are examples of the bandwidth savings that can be generated when using the Replify Accelerator with some typical file formats.

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