Replify WAN Optimization Typical Deployments

Where Replify is Deployed

Replify WAN Optimization is deployed in a wide range of sectors, covering a variety of network links and businesses. Some of these deployments are outlined below. If you would like more information head to our Deployments page to find out more.


Approx. 1,000 private jets with a Virtual Appliance installed on each jet and another appliance installed in two data centres – one in the EU and one in the US.


Replify Accelerator is helping to reduce bandwidth use on the satellite connections and has improved overall performance for end users onboard the jet fleet.


Poor internet connectivity meant restricted communications from ship to shore – staff onboard were having difficulty using Skype and email accounts. Each ship was also transmitting bulky management reports back to shore on a daily basis.


The fleet of ships had a Replify Accelerator client deployed with a Virtual Appliance located at head office. This lead to major improvements in bandwidth and application performance.


Several architecture customers are using Replify clients and Virtual Appliances to transfer detailed drawings between offices.


Once the Replify solution was deployed it reduced the time taken to transfer files between offices and reduced overall congestion on the companies internet links.

Backup and Replication

Replify is often used to backup data between a head office and a data centre, e.g. banking organization’s and data centres. These backups form a critical part of any organisations data management policies.


Much improved backup time – customers reported backup taking over ten hours without Replify and one hour with Replify installed. A ten times improvement in performance!


Replify client installed on Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals in local shops who were experiencing poor network connectivity. The POS terminals were used to download daily offers and updates from their HQ.


Improved performance on poor quality links in a network of several hundred stores scattered across the country.


Used to accelerate email and file shares between the main brewery and associated bars and restaurants. Some of the bars were in areas where internet access was very slow.


Faster email performance and much improved connectivity across all customer sites.

IT Services Companies

Ability to sell the Replify WAN Optimization product to complement their services offering.


Provides a WAN Optimization solution that can be resold at discount and deployed in a wide range of user scenarios. All supported by Replify’s first class customer and application team.

Mobile Backhaul

The Replify technology is used in rural communities in Malaysia with no current IT infrastructure. Replify is installed and deployed on a base station to provide internet access for remote villages in Sarawak state, East Malaysia.


Provides connectivity to remote communities where previously there was none. In this example the Replify Accelerator software has been deployed on solar powered, rugged devices designed for operation in humid conditions.

Local Government

Replify is used in a variety of local government organisations such as city councils and health agencies for helping with file transfers between remote branch office and HQ.


Provides bandwidth savings and performance improvement for users accessing remote applications across local government networks.

Estate Agents

Replify supply software to one of Northern Ireland’s leading estate agents. This is used for transfer of brochures and documents between their various branches.


Provides bandwidth saving across the company WAN and also improves performance for each branch.


• Acceleration and Offload for Web applications, browsing and email
• No remote hardware
• Centralised roll-out, management and upgrade
• Extensive reporting tools needed.


• The Replify roll-out / deployment was completed in two weeks – well ahead of schedule.
• Delivering 70% offload across the various school sites.
• Has been in continuous operation for more than a year with no significant issues.
• Upgrades all handled centrally – overnight process.

Photo of satellite dish

Satellite Internet

Replify Accelerator includes specific optimizations that are ideal for the high latency connections with frequent packet loss that are typical of a satellite internet connection. Replify Accelerator has been deployed on aircraft and on cargo ships in order both to keep in touch with base and for users on those vessels to maximize the use of internet for leisure purposes.


• Performance benefits for end users
• Reduced bandwidth and data costs
• hardware doesn’t need deployed to difficult locations
• Full Layer 7 optimization available – Even for HTTPS traffic