Acceleration for ZTNA

Integrate your Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution with Replify WAN Optimization for an Accelerated ZTNA Experience

Are You a ZTNA Vendor That Wants to Give Your Customers the Best Security AND Application Optimization?

Replify’s WAN Accelerator has been built from the ground up to be easily integrated into existing network application stacks. We’ve integrated deeply into multiple products, going beyond simply white-labeling to deep API integration. We’ve been successfully integrated with SD-WAN, SASE and Visibility solutions. You could have a ZTNA Acceleration solution that contains both standard ZTNA functionality and WAN optimization offered to the market very quickly.

Where the Replify Accelerator Fits in to ZTNA

Diagram showing the link that the Replify Accelerator accelerates between the client and the ZTNA gateway or connector.

The Replify Mobile Client Accelerator can integrate with your ZTNA Client Application. It runs on the end-user device and includes the full Replify Intelligent Caching Engine capability. The link between point A and point B in the diagram is typically the slowest link in the chain. Greatest benefit for the end users can often be achieved by optimizing this link.

Between point B and point C there is typically a fast internet backbone, as the gateway is typically geographically located close to the target application. Even when the geographical distance between A and B is shorter than between B and C, local infrastructure at A can be such that the quality of the connection is much less.

With the Replify Accelerator Client at point A and the Replify Virtual Appliance at point B, the data traffic will be fully optimized with block-level, cross protocol de-duplication, compression and layer 7 protocol optimization. In addition, TCP optimization between the Replify nodes can also be applied.

Additionally, if the link between points B and C is the slowest, Replify can be deployed there too. In this case, a Replify Accelerator Virtual Appliance would be located close to the gateway and another one close to the application.

You can read our ZTNA Acceleration Whitepaper or our Appgate ZTNA Acceleration Case Study to find out more.

Why Replify Works for ZTNA

Last Mile Optimization

Optimizes data right from the client to the server with a client-based integration for Windows, Mac, Linux or Android.

Accelerate the Slowest Link

The route from the client to the ZTNA data gateway or access point, without acceleration, is often the slowest, even with hundreds of global POPs. The Replify Accelerator can even be used between the gateway and the application if that is the focus.

Over 90% Offload Possible

The Replify WAN Accelerator’s caching, compression and protocol optimization can give over 90% offload of layer-7 traffic. This reduces the load on the network, provides application acceleration and, importantly, improves the user experience.

Easy Integration

Built to be easy-to-integrate and cross platform from the start (2007), the Accelerator Intelligent Caching Engine works on many different hardware platforms, hypervisors, containers and cloud platforms.

Comprehensive APIs

As part of Replify’s focus on flexibility, comprehensive APIs allow the Accelerator to be tightly integrated into your existing management interfaces and traffic processing chains.

Retain Visibility of Flows

The Replify Accelerator provides visibility of optimized flows and traffic so you can track optimized connections from end to end, without disrupting other network processing of the traffic.

Flexible Licensing

A key tenet of Replify’s OEM partnerships is our flexible OEM licensing model. This puts the OEMs in full control of pricing, so they always find an approach that works for their business and customers.

Core Dev Team Access

OEMs get access to the core Replify development team who have extensive experience of working with network vendors and understanding their needs and products.

Dedicated Code Stream

A code stream is created for your integration so bespoke changes can be made, tracked and maintained. You’ll benefit from free updates to the Replify core product applied to your code, for the lifetime of the OEM agreement.

Try the Replify Accelerator for Free

You don’t have to enter into any deep technical engagement to get started to see if Replify might fit your needs. We offer a free trial download for various platforms. This should allow you to hit the ground running when evaluating a potential integration with us.

Visit the Download page to get access to the free Replify WAN Optimization trial or Contact Us to arrange a discussion on how Replify could complement your solution and give you the edge over your competitors.