Paul has 30+ years experience in software engineering. He’s worked for and advised many companies in his career, from the smallest startups to some of the largest global telcos. He has a lot of experience of bringing structure, predictability, quality and efficiency to large, distributed development teams. More recently, he’s focused on trying to build products with lean teams, agile methods and excellent Product Management.

He joined Replify as COO in 2019 and was appointed CEO in 2012. When he passed the reins over to Rozy in 2014, he stayed on the board as a non-executive director. He brought a lot of technical insight due to his previous experience with other companies in the networking space.

In 2021, he stepped back from a lot of engagements including Replify and is now a Technical Consultant providing excellent advice and challenging the developers. He also claims himself to be a geek – endlessly fascinated by how things work, or why they don’t.

Paul is a keen cyclist and has been on cycling holidays all round Europe. His semi-retirement doesn’t mean he intends to take things easy though. He plans to keep his fitness levels up by spending much of his new found free time cycling in the Mourne Mountains.