Sean graduated with a first class honours degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics in 1999. He then got a Masters with Distinction in Computer Science and Applications in 2000. He joined the professional services team in Meridio Ltd and worked on many large custom software deployments throughout Europe.  When Meridio was acquired by Autonomy corporation in 2007, he went on to lead the EDRM professional services team there.

This involved spending more time in meetings and in front of MS office and less time actually writing software, so in 2010, he joined Replify. He splits his time between developing new product features and working with OEM partners to integrate Replify software into their own solutions. He’s a firm believer that developers who have to work with customers will ultimately produce software that is more customer-friendly. He also thinks that customer-facing staff who know how their software actually works will be able to work with their customers more effectively to deliver successful deployments.

When not travelling for work, Sean enjoys travelling for pleasure and sampling the local culture of the places he visits along with the local cuisine and beverages too. When at home (and not working from home) he enjoys consuming social media, fine wines and craft beer. He’s also trying to teach himself Spanish. Pero no está teniendo mucho éxito.