WAN Optimization Case Study – Sirius Facilities

Facilities Management Optimization

Sirius Facilities GmbG are a leading provider of branded business parks in Germany. They provide flexible commercial real estate nationwide. With over 50 business parks and counting, facilitating the daily business operations of over 40,000 tenants, they have developed a wide a varied client portfolio.

The Challenge

Sirius Facilities contacted Replify for a WAN Optimization solution that would improve their user’s productivity and user experience when working from home. With over 95% of Sirius’s 250-strong workforce working from home, more strain than ever was being put on the network links at the companies headquarters.

Sirius was looking for a software-based solution that could be installed on employee’s devices. A hardware-based solution was not an option given the users were working remotely. Sirius’s users need access to hundreds of gigabytes of data to perform their daily tasks. Most of this data only requires small daily updates. However, their employee’s were getting frustrated with the wait times to open and save documents remotely.

Sirius had used other WAN optimization solutions in the past and so were aware of the great benefits technology such as Replify’s could bring to this challenging environment.

The Solution

Replify’s Mobile Client solution was perfect for Sirius’s usecase. Developed as part of the core Replify Solution since 2007, the software-based Mobile Client brings all the optimization available in a Replify Virtual Appliance straight to the end-user device. It is the perfect solution for Facilities Management.

A Replify Virtual Accelerator was deployed on a VMWare hypervisor at the company headquarters. Via a simple automated deployment task, the Replify Accelerator Client was installed on each of the employee’s Windows PCs.

The Results

The benefits that Replify brought were apparently almost immediately. Over 60% offload in WAN traffic sped up applications and reduced the frustration a previously experienced by the remote workers.

I reached out on a Saturday morning to 2 WAN Optimization companies one of which was Replify by Sunday working with Replify’s fantastic support team we had a working solution for our users. I heard back from the other well-known WAN optimization provider 2 months later…
The results have been brilliant! Easy to setup and maintain. Achieving a 3 times performance increase and a 60% offload from the WAN plus very happy users that’s a win in my book.
I would recommend Replify to anyone a trial is very easy to setup and the results can be seen instantly.

Stuart Gale – Sirius Facilities IT Leader

As well as speeding up the applications that Replify accelerated, more bandwidth was also available for other types of traffic on the link, bringing a better experience for all users of the network.

Replify had the pleasure of working with Sirius Facilities to bring our world-class optimization suite to their environment.
Thanks to Replify’s easy-to-deploy solution, the turnaround time from download request and trial to a production system was only 5 days.
The benefits seen by Sirius and our other customers prove Replify’s capability to deliver even in those environments where our competitors struggle.

Rozy Corry – Replify CEO