Replify for Remote Working and Working from Home

Use Replify WAN Optimization to improve connectivity for your remote workers

Replify has always produced software-based WAN optimization and ever since its inception in 2007, the Replify Mobile Client Accelerator has been an integral part of our optimization solution offering remote workers the ability to have optimized connections right to their device.

This gives Replify Accelerator an advantage over many other WAN optimization solutions in that we can offer end-to-end optimization over the last mile directly to end user devices. This is particularly beneficial for remote workers or those working from home, who may have slow or unreliable internet connections or small remote offices that don’t have the capacity to maintain a local server.

Using the Replify Mobile Accelerator Client for these users can both provide reductions in bandwidth usage and improvements in application performance and responsiveness.

Replify WAN Optimization

What are the benefits?

  • Easy to install (even by an end user if remote deployment capabilities are not available)
  • Transparent to the end user. It just works seamlessly in the background
  • No hardware to maintain at the remote location
  • Works seamlessly with existing VPN products
  • Works on all connections, whether they be Satellite, Fibre broadband, 4G etc
  • Provides full range of optimization capabilities. That is, the same as a remote appliance would offer
  • Can be configured remotely from the Replify Enterprise Manager
  • More cost-effective solution than having a hardware-based appliance for each remote worker

Where do I start?

With a trial download. It’s easy to deploy:

  • Download and install a Virtual Appliance
  • Configure your appliance with the servers you want to optimize
  • Download the client
  • Connect the client to the Virtual Appliance. (if it isn’t already pre-configured to do so)

That’s all that is required to trial the software. If you want more details, see our Resources page.

Replify Accelerator can optimize a wide range of traffic and applications from Office 365 to bespoke apps. Why not contact us to see how we can help?