Its that festive time of year again – you either love it or hate it. Most of the Replify office workers hate it so there is always a fight as to when we can put the Christmas tree up. Some of them say never. I personally love Christmas. I love thinking of presents ideas for family and friends and love the festive feel  – oh and getting a Starbucks Gingerbread latte on the way into work! So you can see why I’d be a fan of the Belfast Christmas market.

Best view in the house

The Belfast Christmas market is now built and we have captured most of the build from our office window. The Replify office is in a prime location in Belfast overlooking the City hall and Christmas market. The City Hall cycles through a variety of light sequences and colours (even for the recent events in Paris) and we also managed to capture the Christmas light switch on – you can see the video above!

We at Replify are busy like Santa’s elves and are working on our next release due next year which will concentrate on dramatically improving the product’s performance. If you would like more information on WAN Optimization or how it can help then drop us an email.

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